Sing is one of the best way to make ourselves and others happy, it is also a great way to learn English.

As Garzonito and 

Sherley who shows us how happy she is. Let’s watch her video enjoying, singing and learning with bunny bonita


Let's enjoy our community job during our 2020 talent show!

1.Sofia Martínez, Andrés and Santiago Gutiérrez, second class, song: Good Morning

2. Valeria Romero Herrera, fourth class,  Song: hello, hello, what’s your name?

3. Angel Baquero,  second class, Luciana Salazar and Mariana Chingate, first and second class, Melissa and Enger Chavarro, Kindergarten and third class, song: counting bananas 

4.Sherley Palacios and Valery Daniela Moreno, kindergarten, song: counting 1 to 20

5. Andrés and Santiago Gutiérrez - Juliana Romero second class, Brisny Urrego seventh class Kevin Urrego Second class and Ximena Urrego third class, song: walking walking.

6. Auras's kindergarten, song are you sleeping: brother Jhon?

7. Jonathan Hernández, fourth class and Gisel Dayana Hernández, tenth class, song: in, on, under

8.Mariana and Santiago Romero, sixth class, song: have you ever seen  the rain?

9. Luna Benavides, Valentina Espitia, Gloria Carrillo, Luis Contreras, Cristian Coy, fourth class, Song: blue.

10. Samuel Romero, sixth class, song: here I am

11. Sindy Chingate, ninth class, song: darkside

12. Angie Arias Cabrera, seventh class, song: dream it possible

13. Karen Moreno, Karina Rodríguez, Jineth González, Harold Benavides, Valentina Medina and family. Eight class, song: in my mind

14. Valery Daniela Moreno Kindergarten, Juan David Millan and his  little sister, First class, song: if you’re happy! 

15. Elvis Julian Fajardo Diaz and family, seventh class, Heydy Quintero, sixth class and Johny Julian Pinilla, seventh class, song: dance monkey

16. Michael Porras, second class, song: look at this cap!

17. Valentina Velásquez Garcia fourth class, Maira Alejandra Moreno Ortega, third class, Jhoan Esteban Campos Quintero, second class,  song: Let's play in the forest.

18. Karoll Millan, Nicolas Díaz, sixth class and Elkin Romero, ten class, song: Hakuna Matata

19. Anderson Rodríguez, Helen Pulido, sixth class and Kevin Herrera, seventh class, Tania Romero, third class, song: walking in the jungle

20. Gabriela Cruz, Janer, kindergarten and Yuber Palacios first class. Song: put on

21. Sofia Rubiano, fifth class, song: put your hand on my shoulder.

22. Santiago Acevedo, sixth class, song: In my mind

23. Yineth Tautiva Seventh class, song: rolling in the deep

24.Lina Morales and Laura Espitia, ten class, song: Savage love

25.Wilmer Sumate, fifth class, song: twinkle twinkle little star

26.Tatiana Pulido Contreras, seventh class, song: before you go

27. Dilan Pillimue, Ana Sofia Puyo, Kindergarten and Marcela Caso Mommy and Kendry Contreras, secod class with her sister and cousin song: Are you sleeping, brother John?

28.  Andara Riveros, Seventh class, song can't stop the feeling

 29. Valery Romero Herrera, fourth class, song eight brothers

30. Brayan Pulido, seventh class, song: we are unity

31. Cristian Nolberto Ramirez, first class, song: Baby shark

32. Dilan Samuel Baron, sixth class, song: Believer

33. Bolivar’s family conversation: Angi in Eleventh class, Simon and Sthepanny, in transition

 34. Johana Ramírez, eight class and Duvan Ramírez transition, song: Learning Colors

35. Hann Carlos Navarrete 3 Tongue twisters:

36.  Kevin Chingate, sixth class, song: I am so happy

 37. Sharon Herrera and Nicol Ramírez, seventh class, song: this is what you came for

 38. Spiders, by Mariana Chingate, second class and Luciana Salazar, first class

 39. Laura Camila Alba Ortega, seventh class, song: more than you now

 40. Miguel Angel Romero, first class, song: the days of the week

41. Duver Ferney Velásquez, seventh class, song: shape of you

42. Lina Marcela Moreno fourth class and Luisa Mariana Galindo third class song: shake it out

43. Edwin Moreno Gutiérrez, eight class, song: alone

44. Dayra Nikoll Romero, fourth class

45. Lina Gutiérrez Fajardo third class, Laura Huertas Abril, second class, song let's get loud

46. Nikoll Romero, fourth class, Ximena Romero, Transition, Hunt Lieven Rubiano- kindergarten and Ananse Hernández, second class, song: the alphabet

47. Joseph Villalobos, sixth grade, Song: Jingle bells

48. Joan Mauricio Torres and Santiago Moreno, fourth class, song: Jingle bells

49. Fernanda and Jeisson Díaz, ninth and tenth class, song because I'm happy.

50.Jefer Santiago Melo, fifth class, song: all together now!

51. Daniel Gonzalez fifth class

52. Michel Yolany Palacios, sixth class and Dayana Charit Pabon, seventh class

53. Jeimy Judely Sanabria Gutiérrez, third class.

54. Valery Yesenia Sanabria Gutierrez, second class.

55. Yina Yazmin Moreno Gutiérrez, seventh class.

56.Sofía Isabela Guzmán, first class.

57.Juan David Contreras, first class, song All mac donalds